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Final Essay and Portfolio

Audrey Giles Dr. Lucas ENG 1103.19 1 December 2021 Writing through Freedom, Creativity and Longhand  The second semester of English class offered us students a wide variety of topics to write about for our major projects. We started earlier in the semester with a creative project which allowed us to be creative with how we…

The Toxic Effects of Social Media That go Unnoticed by Teens

Audrey Giles Dr. Lucas Eng 1103 19 17 November 2021 The Toxic Effects of Social Media that go Unnoticed by Teens Social media is a rapidly growing business in today’s society. Almost everyone uses it only as a way to connect with family and friends in the digital world. For older adults, social media is…

Earliest Memories of Reading

Dear Mom and Dad,  As I’ve gotten older you may think I have forgotten about some of my childhood memories. I’ve grown up and moved off to college and am now making my own memories. However this doesn’t mean I have forgotten about my special times growing up at 65 Middlesex ave surrounded by your…